Although Alport Syndrome is the second most common form of inherited kidney disease worldwide,very few people have heard of it, Verses for Alport seeks to raise awareness of it. Alport Syndrome can also cause deafness and eye abnormalities.

Verses 2


Maybe it’s a wonder
That the thunder
Comes before the lightning,
But it makes it less frightening
Steve Ashby/England
I love to see clouds in the sky.
I wave to them as they roll by.
But I nearly had a heart attack
When an orographic cloud waved back.
Edward Alport/England


Whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot,

Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not,

Whatever the weather we’ll weather the weather,

Whether we like it or not.



There’s a race in Space                                                                                        To build us a base,                                                                                           Some place quite soon,                                                                                      On the clear white Moon.                                                                                     A distant bright light                                                                                          On a dark, cloudless night.                                                                                It’s nearer than Mars                                                                                           Or far twinkling stars.

Too cold or too hot                                                                                            Like most planets, it’s not.                                                                                The moonscape is grey                                                                                    Both night and day,                                                                                              No green cheese just dust,                                                                                But metal won’t rust.                                                                                       Suits refuelling stops                                                                                         For interplanetary hops.                                                                       C.A.T./England


Trousers, Jeans and Dungarees                                                            Sweaters, Blouses, Shirts,                                                                              Coats and Jackets, Negligees                                                                    Dresses, suits and skirts.

Pyjamas, Nighties, Underwear,                                                      Headscarves, ties, cravats,                                                                          British vests, American pants,                                                                      Socks and shoes and hats.                                                             C.A.T./England

Whales, dolphins and fish

A mighty whale from Barceloona
Died from eating too much tuna.
Before he died, he said to me
‘Of all the fishes in the sea
‘Tuna’s one to make you ill.
‘But I was just so bored with krill.’
Edward Alport/England

Dolphins always seems to smile
and be mischievous once in a while
They will do tricks to get some food
but only when they are in the mood

Sounds they make is how they talk 
can swim very fast but cannot walk
And they always like to play with balls
but will never go into a shopping mall

Errol Flynn/South Africa


Whales are the biggest fish of them all
but they cannot sit or stand up tall
And can only live in the deep blue sea
where they can raise their own family

You get a mommy and a daddy whale
who will wait until there’s a baby sale
To buy a baby whale that’s called a calf
so the mommy and daddy pay half half

Errol Flynn/South Africa

This is the hook that Bob used
He lost his other three.
This is the line that Bob used 
Wonder when he’ll get free?
This is the bait that Bob used 
It really DOES smell dead 
How big is the fish that Bob caught – two inches from tail to head! Stella Ann Rigby/SouthAfrica


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