Although Alport Syndrome is the second most common form of inherited kidney disease worldwide,very few people have heard of it, Verses for Alport seeks to raise awareness of it. Alport Syndrome can also cause deafness and eye abnormalities.

Verses 1

Ships and Boats,

If you’re on a ship, or boat

That isn’t going to stay afloat

Stuff bubblewrap inside your coat

It’ll make a smashing anecdote



I wish I was a boat, but not

A dinghy or a rich man’s yacht

A tanker or a submarine

A coaster or a quinquireme,

For I get sick when the sea gets wavy

I wish I was a boat for gravy.

Edward Alport/England


In our dinghy sailing boat,

A dinky craft of fictional fun

Keeping four Amazons safely afloat,

Instead of sinking and making them run.



A boat was launched into the canal
To go from town to town
It would have made good progress
Had it not been upside down
Steve Ashby/England
The wind blows strongly,
Driving waves onto the shore
But my ship is strong
John Morhall/Australia

I yearn to skip a yacht
Entirely owned by me
I would sail off like a shot
And make my home at sea

Charles Angelopulo/South Africa


Sweet peppermint pink

With the town running through it,

Sticky Blackpool rock.



I was seated one day at the synthesiser,

And the world was rocking with me.

The people were down there boogieing

As far as the eye could see.

So I thought I’d channel some Zeppelin.

It couldn’t do any harm.

Then the bishop came over and shouted

‘Shut up, and play the psalm.’

Edward Alport/England


Sedimentary Samantha was a lazy young belle,
She sat on a beach and was covered in shell.
Many centuries later the layers were set
And Sam became a cliff, where sea and land met.
Metamorphic Mala felt pressured and hot
After spending some time in a cave in the Lot.
She changed her appearance to become shiny and hard
A very tough gal, and never off guard.
Igneous Isabel was a fiery, old tease
Though she began life soft and ready to please.
Before too long she began to bubble and foam,
Then cooled down fast and went straight home.
Born as a pebble
Growing into a stone
In the middle years a rebel!
Adulting into a rock,
Does the growth stop!
Certainly not!
The next steps into hills,
Then like grand parents
They turn into mountains,
Ever present !!
Sunny Morgan/Johannesburg, South Africa

 I rock I roll I gather speed
Because down this hill to roll I need
When the earthquake struck
My friends rolled down
They are being used 
To build a town

Charles Angelopulo/South Africa

I climb a mountain
That has no peak 
I swim in a stream that has a leak
I walk a road 
That thinks it’s a beach

JanetteMarais/South Africa


Most people choose a dog or a cat,

Or some lovable creature like that.

You are not going to make

A slithery snake

Sit itself down on a mat.



Tuffy, Lucy, Pookie, Sooty,

Lucy2, Mabel, Nug

But only Gingie was a boy



 I have two little kittens

They’re called Muff and mittens,

They lie by the stove,

And prefer not to rove.

Our dog Ben
Chased a hen
And then
The hen
Chased Ben.

Mary had a little lamb

His fleece was black as soot

And into Mary’s bread and jam
His sooty foot he put.
Lyndon David Thomas/Wales

I had a little scorpion

who went to bed with me.

A kindly little fellow

as most small scorpions be.

But then he grew so ‘normous

that he wouldn’t fit in bed.

So I gave him to my sister.

I wonder why she’s dead!

M Burton/Auckland, New Zealand

Mary had a little lamb

It grew and grew and grew

It ate all Mary’s bread and jam

And then ate Mary, too.

Ed Rybicki/South Africa

Mary had a talking lamb,

It said “I think therefore I am.

I’m glad I can’t become a ham

Or minced and pressed in a tin for spam.

I don’t want to emulate my dam,

Nor follow the footsteps of the ram

I have in mind a life more glam,

I’m Super Lamb, Just watch me slam

My hoof into this jar of jam

Lookout folks.  Kerpow, Wham, Bam!!”


My pet is like a person
She communicates with me
You laugh and say she is just a dog
But come meet her you will soon see

Charles Angelopulo/South Africa

Mary had a little lamb

its fleece was black as soot..

everywhere Mary went,

its sooty foot it put. 

Charmaine Nienaber/South Africa

There was an old owl who sat in an oak
The more he heard the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why aren’t we all like that wise old bird
Trish Beale/South Africa

Mary had a little lamb

It followed her everywhere

And everywhere

That Mary went

She also had a lamb

Steve Golton/England

It is a dog’s life they say

I wish it were

If I lived my dog’s day

I would purr

Walks, a swim, bones in droves

Daily walks and food in spades

Cuddles, naps and boundless love

A future bright enough for shades

Rosemary Lokhorst/Switzerland




Signposts can tell awful lies,

I’m sure I saw the last one say

That home is only thirty miles,

If I go this way.


But the next sign’s quite decided,

I’ve still got thirty three

Miles separating me from

Home and food and tea.

C.A.T. /England


I met a signpost in an empty plain

And asked it for the way to Spain

It said, ‘Although I know the way

‘To Buxton and Layer de la Haye

‘To Glasgow and to Colne Engaine

‘I do not know the way to Spain.’

It whipped a satnav from its pocket,

Plugged into a nearby socket,

And said, ‘According to this screen

‘You get to Spain via Parson’s Green.

‘You find a wardrobe in a shop

‘Unlock the doors, and in you hop.

Then you will appear to vanish.

‘The next day you’ll be speaking Spanish.’

Edward Alport/England


We may not exactly know

Where we really should go,

God bless the signposts, I say,

They’ll most surely save the day.



Tinkle-tinkle, bells do tinkle,

Jingle jangle goes the bangle,

Dum-dum goes the drum.

Gals ‘n guys, get to mingle,

Not to be left-out, or be single;

They- just do it with a hum.

Alka Tomar/India


Let’s take up dancing

Thereby chancing

We’ll find our true date

Who’ll become our life’s mate

Three Steps

One two three, one two three

Twirl me around

One two three, One two three

Till we are one…


…two three, one two three

Step to the side

One two three, one two three

Then back to one..


… two three, one two three

Made up my mind

One two three, one two three

You are the one…




Flowers and Trees,


Flowers and plants abound

A riot of colour in a fusion

Yet weeds encroach on the ground

Leaving my garden without a fuschia.

Ian Taylor, England




If flowers and trees make me sneeze

Why don’t the bees sneeze too?

C.A.T./ England

When i die put me in a casket
On it put flowers in a basket;
Because i ask it!

Erica Schwarz Vos/South Africa

I am often caught climbing the tree
But I’m down again when mother counts to three.
Oh why couldn’t she be more like Father 
Who always understands and is never  a bother. 
It is only Eight o’clock and I am sent to bed
Since I climbed the tree I won’t be fed. 
Oh please do not have pity on me
Cause tomorrow again I will climb the tree.
Bonnie Parsons Lijs/Canada

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