Although Alport Syndrome is the second most common form of inherited kidney disease worldwide,very few people have heard of it, Verses for Alport seeks to raise awareness of it. Alport Syndrome can also cause deafness and eye abnormalities.

I Am The Glassman – Part 2

T’was on a Thursday morning I changed some window glass.

The technique’s really easy. The results will look first class.

They said to wear protection, but I didn’t think it mattered:

I was nearly disembowelled when the window shattered.

Oh, I’m always up for a spot of DIY

T’was on a Friday morning I thought I’d paint the wall.

To cover all the bloodstains, but I’m not very tall.

I climbed up on a ladder, it wobbled just a little

At least that’s what I told them when I ended in hospital.

Oh, I’m always up for a spot of DIY

Yes, weekdays are the best days for DIY for me

‘Cos on Saturday and Sunday I am down at A&E

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