Although Alport Syndrome is the second most common form of inherited kidney disease worldwide,very few people have heard of it, Verses for Alport seeks to raise awareness of it. Alport Syndrome can also cause deafness and eye abnormalities.

I Am The Gasman – Part 1

(With apologies to Flanders and Swann)

T’was on a Monday morning, I thought I’d fix the gas.

The pipework was all blocked by a big unsightly mass

I reckoned, if I fixed it, it would save a tidy sum

But when I lit my fag it blew the house to kingdom come.

Oh, I’m always up for a spot of DIY

T’was on a Tuesday morning, I tries to saw some wood.

I saw the vid on YouTube and I really thought I could.

I nearly cut my hand off, and it did give me a fright,

But then it was the left one and I mostly use my right.

Oh, I’m always up for a spot of DIY

T’was on a Wednesday morning I went to change a fuse.

I got an old screwdriver and I took out all the screws.

But something on the telly made it hard to concentrate,

And my hair used to be curly, but now it’s nice and straight.

Oh, I’m always up for a spot of DIY

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